Photo Diary of Chillán, Chile

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Photo Diary of Chillán, Chile

I recently traveled to Chile with my parents.  My mom was dying to see different parts of Chile.  So we decided to head south to see Chillán and los termales.

We embarked on the 3+ hr journey from Rancagua, Chile to Chillán.  Chile has mountains but as you travel on the high way it looks flat.  The best way I can describe compared to the places I’ve traveled is it’s similar to Colorado.

When we arrived it was pouring outside so we couldn’t really go out to explore, and the place where we decided to stay – day of might I add – was closing for the end of tourist season.  So the entire hotel was basically vacant.

Nonetheless, you’re not there for the people but for nature, relaxation and exploration.

The next day we embarked on a hike up the mountain to get a glimpse of the sulphur baths for ourselves.  The hotel had pipes that brought the water down to the pool for you, but we wanted to see if for ourselves.

In order to start the hike you have to drive up to a certain point past the building you see behind me, and then walk to the start of the hike.  Unless someone told you about it, you would never know it was the entrance to a hike.

I didn’t pack serious hiking gear, nor do I own any, but as you can tell my mom wore sandals.  She would later take these off to be more connected with the earth’s energies.  I have it on video, which is amazing.

It took longer for us to get up than it did to get down, but I was terrified.  I mean, sis is terrified of heights but imagine … barely a walkable path because it poured the night before, the path was so narrow in parts where only your foot (not feet) could fit.  Altogether, about 4-5 hours but 3-4 was going upwards.

As you got higher it got colder but we pushed through.  Let me tell you, once you get to the top, the view is amazing.  If you can stand the smell of eggs.  Yeah, it smelled like eggs at the top because of the sulphur.  I got a couple of pictures of the smoke and the pipes going to the different hotels.

But again, look past that for the views.  And, don’t mind the gusts of wind that make you feel like a tornado is coming.

I’ll leave you with this…the jaw dropping views.


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