3 Must Sees in Uppsala, Sweden

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3 Must Sees in Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala, Sweden is the 4th largest city behind Stockholm, Goteborg, and Malmo.  By train its located about an hour north of Stockholm.  It’s a perfect place for a weekend trip.  It’s quaint and walkable so you’ll defiantly get to stumble and explore.

It was so easy to get there that we caught the Swedish Railways from Stockholm Central, which is located in the airport, to Uppsala Central.  Then walked less than 2 blocks to our hostel.

Stockholm Central, underground stone tunnel
Cactus in Stockholm Airport

We dropped off our stuff at the hostel and asked the front desk for a city map and went straight to walking.  Travel tip 45, always ask for a free city map.

Uppsala is small enough where you can see it all but the ones you can’t miss are the Linnaean Garden, the Gustavianum Museum and the Uppsala Castle.  They all have an entrance fee but manageable enough.

The Linnaean Garden is the oldest botanical garden and known for his importance on modern botany.  It was once the home of Carl Linnaeus who is known as the “father of modern taxonomy”.  He is credited with creating the first botanical genealogy.  The grounds were restored to there original 18th century state.


The next place is the Gustavianum Museum.  It’s the coolest place because it houses the second oldest anatomical theater.  The theater was only used a couple of times with dead bodies supplied by the bailiff of the castle.  Could you imagine attending a dissection – standing – in narrow sections?  It’s amazing.

Lastly, you have to visit the Uppsala Castle.  It’s a 16th century that had major impact on the history of Sweden as a whole.  It’s quite interesting to walk the ground of any castle.  I find my imagination runs wild on what sorts of parties, fashion and crazy beheadings would have taken place in them.

Castle grounds in the background

Another angle of the castle grounds

Other shots of Uppsala…

Sitting outside of a small beer garden we stumbled on

Don’t forget to wander around.  We found some cool spots to drink and eat by just walking.


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