Strawberries in London

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Strawberries in London

IMG_0664.pngShoreditch, London circa November of 2016.  I find myself and 3 friends on the free walking tour of London’s East End*.

Being the frugal queen that I am, I googled “free walking tour London”.  Strawberry Tours is the first result.  Obviously they’re paying for the right google adds.  I quickly click the link and see the legit layout.

The gem that caught my eye was the Free Street Art & Graffiti Tour*.  The asterisk’s isn’t meant to denote anything but there for aesthetic prowess.

We walked through the streets from Brick Lane to Shoreditch down Fashion Street to Bateman’s Row and can’t forget Spitafields.

A couple of hours and some mean glute exercises later you’ll have some amazing images.  There’s some pretty dope art work.

Ps. Tip the tour guide.



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