Solid Light Works at Pioneer Works

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Solid Light Works at Pioneer Works

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I spent my pre Superbowl Sunday afternoon at the Solid Light Works exhibit, by Anthony McCall, at Pioneer Works.  The exhibit has been running since January 12th in the dubious location in Red Hook.  This is an awesome space not only noticed for their art classes but open space for any type of installations.  Anthony specifically choose this space to display both horizontal and vertical pieces.

The entrance leading up to the exhibit starts off with a trailing geometric pattern leading directly into straight darkness.  I clutch the shoulder of my friend Reggie as if I was entering a haunted house only to be pleasantly overwhelmed by these extraterrestrial pieces shining in the haze  These are the vertical pieces.

As you get closer, your entranced by the fact each piece changes size and shape.  People are laying down looking straight at the lazers moving around them.  It feels surreal.  Finally, making my way to the front of the one of the two horizontal pieces, I moved my hand through the light beams with an calm ever so slow cadence.  It’s definitely a cool experience and worth the trip to Red Hook.

For more information check out the exhibit:

Photo Credit: My friend Jason R.

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