Good Friday’s

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Good Friday’s

It’s 12pm on Friday March 29th or better known as Good Friday.  Surprisingly one of the only “holidays” I have off from work.  So in full fashion I wanted to take full advantage to do something I can’t normally do because of my schedule and nice weather in NYC is slacking.

So like the geek I am, I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go to the Tenement Museum located in LES.  We take the drive into the city.  Find perfect parking a block a way.  But on that walk, I get sidetracked by a taco spot (Goa Taco) that was literally a hole in the wall.  I mean, who doesn’t love a good taco snack on your way to fire those synapsis and learn something!  Disclaimer, no photo of the delicious taco but let me tell you it contained pork belly, pickled cabbage and spicy mayo and (long dramatic pause) was so good.

Sadly finished with the taco, we get to the Tenement Museum gift shop only to find out all tours are sold out until Easter Sunday afternoon.  We quickly changed our plans to head over to the Museum of Moving Images.  They have free admission every Friday 4-8pm.  If you didn’t know, now yah know!

B-lined straight for the door but got sidetracked for some rolled ice cream (where they make it in front of you and roll it up) and some Hong Kong style egg waffle.  Delish, again!  The egg waffle is surprisingly chewing but an interesting textural juxtaposition.

The museum was fun.  If you’re planning on going, go early.  There will be a line.  Recommend starting on the top floor – top down.  Most people will start bottom up.  The top floor is filled with different mini computer games exhibits.  Best title I saw  was Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars.  On the first floor you can take a walk through Cinema History like the evolution of the physical tv or a video camera.  There’s even a life size Big Bird from Sesame Street.  Don’t worry they have almost every resident of Sesame Street so you’re covered!


The museum is also interactive.  We made a stop motion video.  Disclaimer, adult audiences only … it’s a murder mystery.

You can probably see the entire museum in two hours and head downstairs for a snack.  Or out to the garden for a quick photo shoot but then head right back inside because it’s raining and all the furniture is wet.

Outdoor garden at the museum

In true millennial fashion we came back home to watch some of the recent Netflix drops to end a Friday night.  We unapologetically watched a couple shows.  Started off with the episode on Nas and Dave East – Queens all day – and moved on to Trump: An American Dream.

Ended my week with a good Friday…


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