Only 8 Hours in Washington D.C.

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Only 8 Hours in Washington D.C.

Mom calls me the weekend before to propose a trip to Washington D.C. so Celina could see Estella.  We’ll leave Saturday super early and come back late Sunday night.

We head down to D.C that weekend.  No hotel booked.  We’re staying at Estella’s.

5am and it’s 4 hours to Bethesda.  We stop for the typical quick Colombian breakfast/ gift of hospitality.  Empanadas, pan de yuca, pan de bono, pan de queso and bunelos.

Arriving at 10 am.  We chat with Estella for a while before heading to the Bethesda Farm Women’s Market for lunch ingredients.

As the day passes on, we have lunch, and quickly head out to capital.  We wanted to see the Holocaust Museum before it closed at 5:30pm.

Managing to make it, we walk through with heavy hearts.  I found parallels vibrating as a familiar frequency of that of today’s climate.

We walked the National Mall but my knee quickly gave out.

We continued on to the Lincoln Memorial.  I limped up the infamous “I Have a Dream” steps to the open stage where the giant Abraham Lincoln sits watching on Washington D.C.

Ending the long day resting on the prickly grass adjacent to the memorial.  Longing for a taxi to take us back to the metro back to Bethesda to check on the ladies.

It’s only been 8 hours!

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