Must Sees in Malmo, Sweden

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Must Sees in Malmo, Sweden

Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden but much smaller than Stockholm.  Just the right size to see the sites in about 2 days.  This was at the tail end of our trip so we took things a little easier.  We kept up with the same number of steps as we did at the start of our trip.

The temperature was warm enough for us to wear shorts which was an awesome surprise.  Our Airbnb in Mollengangen had an open air balcony that over looked the street.

After some rest from traveling from Stockholm to Malmo, we embarked on the task of exploring such a quaint and quirky city.  Take a look at some of what I did and enjoy the exploration.

Free Walking Tour

You know how I feel about a good walking tour.  Feel free to check this one out.  Took us all over Malmo in about 2 hours.  Our guide was somewhat new, so I would recommend starting here and then checking out the sites you’re more interested in.


This was the first thing we did when we arrived.  It was a nice break in our itinerary, which included the cardio of walking on tours and to sites, but a good work out really revives me, at least!  It wasn’t far from where we were staying in Mollengangen.

I’m not the best rock climber and I am terrified of heights but I also try to experience


Malmö Brewing Co

Mollengangan did have a couple of local beer spots we checked out.  My fave of which was the Malmo Brewing Co.  It’s funny when you see American beers cost craft beer prices since they’re important.  The menu is exhaustive here so when in Malmo, drink the local beer.

Malmo FF Stadion

If you’re a futbol lover as I am, I try to check out different stadiums when I try.  Unfortunately, Malmo was off season and Zlatan was already planning his trades to the L.A Galaxy.  So we just took a look around the grounds and bought gear at the shopen.


We walked through this park on our way to Malmo FF stadion.  It’s beautiful and green.  Honestly buy some sandwiches and wine for a picnic.  Definitely a place for meditation as well!

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