DIY’ed Turkish Lamp

diy turkish lamp
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DIY’ed Turkish Lamp

Ever since I bought new West Elm dressers I’ve been searching the finishing details. I was going for thoughtful disorganization without having to purchase extra knickknacks. Gurl is on a budget and trying to stick to that. So the goal was to use my own art, photography or repurpose stuff I already have to add those stylish.

Remembering I was gifted a Turkish Mosaic lamp from a market in Istanbul, from a friends travels, that I’ve been wanting to DIY, I thought this was the perfect time to spray the lamp to match the palette of my room.

The lamp has a beautiful blue mosaic and brown brass body. The brown brass doesn’t match the gray, white and blue palette of my room.

First, I went to Home Depot to scope out spray paint and prices. I decided to go with a flat matte white so the blue of the mosaic could pop more. Total cost was about $4.

To get started, I cleaned the brassy surface of the lamp and then taped up areas that I did not want to get sprayed. No need to be organized, just tape it up. You can see from the photo I taped the bulb and the cord.

I then opened up a shoe box to use as my work area. A couple of newspapers would do the trick. Don’t use the spray paint indoors.

Follow the directions on the side of the tank. I did about 3 rounds of spraying before I was satisfied with the color.

The final product with all pieces together.

Since the lamp came straight from Turkey, the outlet was European so I had to buy a European to US converter. I got 2 for $1.50 on Amazon.

Total DIY Cost: $5.50. Not to shabby huh.

Check out the finished style project.

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