How to get free make up from MAC Cosmetics?

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How to get free make up from MAC Cosmetics?

I know you read the title and you’re sold.  Well let me walk you through this Go Green program Mac Cosmetics created. It’s simple enough: exchange your empty Mac containers for make up, and save the environment.

The official name of the program is “Back-to-Mac.

How does it work?

Collect a minimum of 6 empty containers and return in person. In exchange for return 6 empty products, you receive a lipstick, lipgloss or eyeshadow. Each retail for $18.50.

Where can I do this?

In person only. Not Massachusetts or airport Macs. Not sure about Macs in departments stores. 

I also read on the Mac site that you can mail the empties.  Personally, I like to go into the store to swatch the lipsticks I might want.

Why should I participate?

First, if you have ever dabbled in the art of make up, whether novice or expert, you know how expensive it can be. Save yourself the dollars and exchange. To put it a different way, Mac is paying you to recycle. So why not?

If I were a make up artist, I would flip all my Mac products into palettes and regularly exchange the empties to build my kit.

Second, declutter and get rid of things that don’t bring you joy. Yes, I am quoting Marie Kondo. Get rid of it!

Third, help the planet. Mac recycles the empties. Less trash on the streets. #gogreen.

What if I have more than 6 empties?

If you have more than 6 items, the store can add that to your benefits profile for future exchanges. On my recent trip, the team at the Time Square Mac store really hooked it up. I brought in 8 empties. The 2 extras were added to my account for future exchanges and out of my make up drawer. #mariekondo

What’s the fine print?

According to the MBF blog, you can only exchange 18 empties or 3 lipsticks at a single Mac store in one day.

You can’t redeem the empties for lipsticks that are Viva Glam, mineralized, Matte Kiss or any special campaign. But when you do the math Mac has 41 matte lipsticks alone. There’s more than enough to choose from.

Once the lipstick is exchanged for the empties, you cannot return it. So make sure it’s the one you want.

All in All…

I ended up exchanging my empties for Lady Danger from the matte line.  I needed a firey red for the summer that would pop.  

All in all, the return on your recycling endeavors is unseen by other make up brands.  Quite frankly would love to see way more of this.  Until then invest in brands that are conscious.  Let me know what you end up exchanging your empties for.

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