The Essentials for Two Weeks in Japan

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The Essentials for Two Weeks in Japan

To continue the Japan series, I thought it would be helpful if I told you about the essentials I was glad I packed, those I never used and those I wish I did. I’ve even added links to where you can purchase them.

These are items above and beyond clothes and the obvious things like a passport. I can post my packing list if that’s helpful which includes everything I packed. But, this post these items were game changers.

Obviously purchase what you think you will need and use because you do want to pack light-ish because things in Japan are just smaller.

Glad I Packed These

1. Google Translate
* This is a MUST. Not only can it voice translate it can also translate signs and pictures. Don’t leave without it.

2. Hand Sanitizing Wipes, $11
* This is a must for the airplane.

3. Anker Battery Pack, $50
* The Anker battery pack is amazing. We fully charged 2 cell phones 3-4 times a day. Get it, they’re the best at what they do.

4. Unidapt Travel Power Converter, $19
* Most of the outlets in Japan are US friendly but we used this more as an extension cord to help charge ALL of our electronics at the same time.

5. Tide Pens, $7

6. Gum, $8

7. Travel Containers, $12

8. Rain Coat, $50

9. Harry’s Travel Razor, $18

10. Comfortable Pair of Sneakers, $150
* We walked on average 30k steps a day. Make sure to stretch.

11. Memory Foam Travel Pillow, $22
* This is by far the best airplane pillow I’ve ever used.

Could have Left These

1. Gimbal Tripod, $85
* We used it a couple of times but with all the walking you’ll eventually want to pack lighter.

flying to tokyo

Didn’t Realize I Needed These

1. Travel Umbrella, $14

2. Cellphone Wide Angle Lens, $30

3. Cold Flu Medicine, $16
* We got sick towards the end of the trip and with our eventual Air China flight cancellation that caused us to sleep in the airport, this would have helped.

4. Pocket Wifi, Rental starting at $50
* You don’t need this if your carrier has an international plan, which is what I had but my boyfriend did not.

5. Travel Hair Dryer, $15
* Most of the places we stayed at had this except the first hotel.

6. Travel Steamer/ Iron, $17

7. A few summer items, like shorts or dresses
* We traveled at a time where the seasons were changing and a pair of shorts would have been great. Lesson is check the weather and have a bit of outfit optionality.

8. Activities for the plane.

My boyfriend in at the Beijing airport

Leave a comment and let me know what your essentials are when traveling.

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