Creativity Diary

The Museum of Pizza

October 13, 2018 Opening Day of The Museum of Pizza Created by the Nameless Network Runs from Oct 13 to Nov 18 Interactive Experience with Pizza   There were 4 rooms but 5 pieces of artwork. You walk into a gallery of different art pieces.  Like drawn on pizza boxes or corners with different photos. […]

Creativity Diary

29 Rooms

29 Rooms 2018 Interactive installations designed to unlock the imagination similar to Dream Machine From 9/6 through 9/16. Brooklyn, New York   Outfit Details White Tee | Zara Jeans | Gap last Christmas Shoes | Steve Madden Bucket Bag | Urban Outfitters by recommendation of Song of Style Hat | Sixth Floor Follow my blog […]

Diary Travel

Only 8 Hours in Washington D.C.

Mom calls me the weekend before to propose a trip to Washington D.C. so Celina could see Estella.  We’ll leave Saturday super early and come back late Sunday night. We head down to D.C that weekend.  No hotel booked.  We’re staying at Estella’s. 5am and it’s 4 hours to Bethesda.  We stop for the typical […]

Creativity Diary

Dream Machine

Dream Machine is inspired by our dreams but made for reality as an interactive experience that’s social media-able.  Even though I happened to find out from my boyfriends friend mentioning it in passing on our way to Brooklyn Mirage, this is totally a thing and is widely instragramed. This year it was located in Brooklyn […]

Creativity Improvement

Gone for August

It’s the end of the summer. And even though I’m not European, and I’m not traveling to Europe or anywhere else. I am taking the month off from blogging to enjoy what’s left of NYC in August, but more importantly to revamp things here at Dee Does and VI Floor. I leave you with some […]

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